Made in WNC Exhibit

I had no clue before moving here that Asheville would be such a spot for people making really great things. It is full of established, talented people who very much know what they are doing which is an inspiring thing to be surrounded by. Connected to that community is the so beautiful and wonderful gallery,  Center for Craft, Creativity and Design. The space is incredible (rough concrete walls and floors, tons of sun) and they curate interesting, surprising, and thoughtful shows. Their current exhibit, Made in WNC, pulls together work and stories from over 20 local craftspeople who have all started their businesses within the past 10 years.  I was excited to hear about the show and floored when asked to contribute a few pieces to the exhibit. It is a beautiful collection of the work that happens in this area and definitely worth a look if you have a chance.  The show is up now through January 9th. 

Laura EvansComment